My Favorite And Not So Favorite Sushi Rolls

Sushi is becoming more and more popular these days- trendy even. It’s tasty, portable, and cute. I’ve tried a lot of different sushi rolls and there are a few I’ve found amazing and a few not so much.

The California roll is a classic; it’s the go to sushi for first timers and it’s the first thing I think of when I hear sushi. It’s a pretty little roll with crab or imitation crab and cucumber, and at the Marketplace you can get it with the spicy sauce on it, which in my humble opinion makes it 10x better.

There’s also the spicy roll. This roll has either cooked shrimp, raw tuna, or raw salmon and it comes drizzled with spicy sauce- I’m pretty sure it’s like spicy chipotle or something very similar.

There’s also the veggie roll, which is absolutely perfect if you are a vegetarian, like my mother, who religiously changes up her sushi with different kinds of variations of veggies in her roll. The roll comes with cucumber and you can get this variation with the spicy sauce as well if you just ask at the counter.

I’m personally not a huge fan of sushi that has crunch on it; it’s like a fried mixture of cold water and soft wheat flour. It’s referred to as tempura crunch in some rolls. It adds some different textures to the sushi, which confuses my taste buds but seems to be loved by many.