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Mike DiGregorio

So, if you girls haven’t realized this yet, sometimes the best guys to hang out with are the ones with the geek-y sense of what’s cool. So maybe it’s time you ditched the Call of Duty player and figured out how to play Halo. Time you dusted off your inner sci-fi geek (we all loved that Star Trek remake) and embraced that secret hatred for Ke$ha you’ve been harboring since you found glitter in unspeakable places last spring. And if you agree that’s what you need to do, it’s time to find a guy like this week’s Campus Cutie — Mike DiGregorio.

Name: Mike DiGregorio

Hometown: Saint James, NY

Year: Senior

Hobbies: Drumming, Biking, Hiking, Comics, Vidya Games, Reading (If that counts), Salt n’ Vinegar Chips

Superpower: Probably all of Spiderman’s powers, especially the one where he gets to date Emma Stone

Favorite thing to do on weekends: Hang with friends, see a movie, watch Doctor Who, go to Subway® Eat Fresh

Perfect Date: Having a nice walk in the park then going to a carnival or cool fair of sorts. Or seeing a hot Lil’ Kim/Ke$ha concert (I’m just kidding I’d never want to do that).

Fashion Trend I don’t understand: I’m not sure, thinking about it though I guess I’d say spikes. Like wearing anything that involves spikes, I’ve never understood that. Is that a trend? Spikey Trend?

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Carmen Rey


Born in Cleveland, Ohio in 1991, Carmen Rey moved to Akron, Ohio as a kid and attended Our Lady of the Elms High School, a small all-girls high school in Akron. After graduating with a class of 28, Carmen attended Kent State University for a year before doing the National Student Exchange program to Binghamton University where she transferred the following year. While at Binghamton, she found a place at the Binghamton Her Campus Branch as a contributing writer. The following year she became Profiles Editor and spent a semester studying abroad in London through Binghamton University's Semester-in-London program. Now she's a senior and the Campus Correspondent of the Binghamton University Branch, majoring in English Literature and Rhetoric as well as blogging on BU's admissions blog.
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