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Over this week, I had the pleasure of trying Innisfree brand skincare products.

As the #1 beauty brand in Korea, I had pretty high expectations that were met with ease. The welcome kit which was provided to me courtesey of hercampus and innisfree’s partnership has clean simple packaging and a fresh look. It advocates for the use of the four products it contains in a certain order, mask, serum, eye cream, cream. 

Overall, I loved each product. The mask wasn’t harsh as some masks are and even after leaving it on my sensitive skin for 20 minutes my wasn’t red or irritated in the slightest. The serum was super moisturizing and didn’t leave me feeling sticky as I originally thought it might.

The welcome kit then calls for the consumer to use the eye cream and overall face cream. This is where I believe I should have stopped, saving the creams for the morning. With the mask and the serum, my face was already feeling very hydrated. By using the other two products, I was left feeling kind of weighed down by the amount of cream and serum on my skin. Waiting until the morning to use it seems like an appropriate amount of time to allow the excess moisture from the mask and the serum to set in.

I love this brand and these products. I would highly recommend them to anyone with dry, sensitive skin. Innisfree’s dedication to the ecosystem and creating a sustainable environment which they can collect the natural materials they use in their products while still protecting what’s already there is inspiring and should be looked up to by other beauty brands. Their philosophy of enhancing natural beauty is also one that appeals to me and will hopefully be followed by other beauty brands around the world as Innisfree spreads its campaign.

Included in the welcome kit were the real squeeze mask with green tea seed ($1.80), intensive hydrating serum with green tea seed ($25), intensive hydrating eye cream with green tea seed ($23), and intensive hydrating cream with green tea seed ($23). All and more can be found at http://us.innisfree.com/ 


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