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How to Spring into Shape

Spring is in the air and so are shorts weather and tank top season!  I’m sure you’re just as excited as I am to ditch shapeless winter clothing and to feel your best while wearing less. Here are some get-in-shape tips to prepare for feeling just as fabulous as the weather is!


1.     Get out there… it’s beautiful!

Finally the sun is out and the snow and ice are melting.  Take advantage of the weather and spend some time outside.  It gets pretty repetitive running on the treadmill for miles on end, so instead go for a jog outside.  Or if you like walking, go on a long walk with a friend or listening to music.  Just get out there and soak up the sun!



2.     Make a commitment—Sign up for a 5K!

It’s easy to say that you want to get in shape, but it’s harder to make a commitment.  Luckily in the spring there are plenty of 5K runs that take place on most college campuses.  Sign up for a race that benefits a good cause and get out there and train!


3.     Eat Your Fruits and Veggies

Being healthy isn’t just about exercising.  It’s also about eating well.  The weather is getting green, so why not have your diet match?  Lots of fruits and vegetables are in season in the spring that weren’t in the winter, so they will be fresher and less expensive.  Make a post-workout Mason jar salad or throw an apple or banana into your backpack to eat in between class.

4.     Make a Workout Playlist

Music is a great motivator to workout.  Find some fun new pump-up songs on Spotify and make the perfect workout playlist.  To make things more fun, make playlists devoted to specific workouts like Abs, High Intensity, and Long Weekend Run. 

5.     Try a New Exercise Class

If you are a member of your campus gym, there are most likely plenty of classes to choose from.  Springs a time for new beginnings.  Tired of Zumba and Spin?  Try Muscle Pump or Kickboxing for a change.  Not only will you get a great workout, but also you will learn some new moves to use on your own! 


Deena Abramson is a Senior at Binghamton University studying Psychology and Health and Wellness Studies.  She is originally from Lexington, Massachusetts.  She is currently the President of her sorority, Sigma Alpha Epsilon Pi, and is so grateful for her Sigma sisters, many of whom are also Her Campus writers!  Some of her hobbies include: running (she has run two half marathons this year!), hiking in the White Mountains of New Hampshire, cooking healthy meals, playing word games, and of course writing for Her Campus!   She hopes that her articles both entertain and inspire her peers both at Binghamton and in the national Her Campus community.  
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