How do you Cope with Midterms "Month?"

Each semester the time comes again and again when everyone seems to be frazzled by the endless weeks of Midterms “Month.” These few weeks are some of the most stressful for all college students. There seem to be infinite exams and essays due with no time in between.  This is the period where you can either make it or break it, and of course, we all want to make it. 
The first, and most important thing to me during these few weeks is to stay organized. If you are a messy wreck, it’s hard to get your life together. A planner will be your best friend. Planning out when essays are due, tests need to be studied for, and events are occurring is key to keeping calm and knowing that your work will get done in a proper manner. If you are anxious because of all the different things going on in your life, having a plan to get it done is seriously a stress relief.
Another stress relief is exercise. Staying healthy is a great way to feel great all the time. It is extremely difficult to study for an exam when you’re stuck sick in bed, sniffling your brains out.  Even if it’s just once or twice a week, your body and mind will love you for it. Also, eating well will help keep away any germs that could eventually turn into the Binghamton Plague. No one wants to be sick in college, especially during midterms. 
My last and final tip is to stay happy. The last thing anyone needs is to be gloomy when trying to ace his or her exams. Laugh as much as possible, it doesn’t hurt. If you think positively, you are more likely to get that “A” you’ve been longing for. But, also, if you ever feel the need to cry and get it all out, do it. Crying is a stress relief, and I’ll admit, it’s helped me. If you keep everything in, it will affect the way to think and study. 
But in the end it’s most important to stay calm because you will get through it. I promise, you will survive.