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HC Bing Tables at Spring Fling!

Despite the monsoon/tornado/hurricane, whatever you’d like to call it, that occurred mid-way through Spring Fling, we still managed to get a picture of our super cute table at this year’s Spring Fling! Not to toot our own horn, (OK we’re totally tooting our own horn), but our table was the most adorable table at Spring Fling and definitely got the most attention before the world ended. Hopefully, most of you HC-ers were able to stop by and grab some lovely pearl necklaces and lollipops before the rain blew our cuteness away into yonder.

Raven Rivera is a senior at Binghamton University majoring in English and Rhetoric with a minor in Theatre. After living on Long Island all her life, she made the move to upstate NY and is enjoying the snowy weather. At Binghamton, Raven is the president and editor-in-chief of the newly SA-chartered publication, Her Campus Binghamton. In her spare time she enjoys watching entirely too much television, romantic comedies and Disney movies, and preparing for her American Idol auditions one day. She is currently an editorial intern for iaam.com and in the future, hopes to move to NYC and be a head writer/executive producer of an awesome television show on ABC, NBC, FOX, or Bravo (really, any will do).
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