Getting Ready for Parade Day

The most important holiday for all students in Binghamton is known as Parade Day. People come from near and far to experience the one day a year anyone and everyone can be Irish (except for St. Patrick’s Day of course). Because this day is so significant for those in the area it is very important to prepare accordingly.

Your outfit: You’ve got to incorporate green somewhere (or everywhere if that’s what floats your boat). If you’re part of an organization, definitely get in on creating your own shirts! Some of the most hilarious outfits I’ve seen include one-of-a-kind shirts that were created by some of Bing’s most talented shirt designers. If you’re not really into the whole DIY thing, then definitely hit up your closest Five Below, Walmart, or Party City. All of these places are filled with tutus, stickers, necklaces, crowns, and anything else you could ever want to help you celebrate this festive day (at a decent price).

Putting it all together: First of all, please remember to dress warmly. Parade Day is supposed to be a fun and festive day, but if you’re running around Binghamton in a crop top and skirt, it’s not going to be good. This being said, have all the fun putting together your funky shirt, beaded necklace, and lime green tutu. No one is going to take anyone seriously so add anything you could ever want to your themed get-up. I’ll always recommend some face tattoos, green and silver eye glitter, as well as anything that has to do with being Irish.

The food: While many are looking to go and get in a few good drinks during this local holiday, many like myself will enjoy the various food items available. Before you even head downtown though, make sure to get a good portion of eggs and toast because you’re in for a long day. Downtown Binghamton is full of good eats such as halal at Maryam’s, something warm and filling at Binghamton Hots, or if you’re really feeling up to it a Grade-A burger from Burger Mondays. If you’re willing to wait to get back on campus because you don’t feel like paying with real money for your food, then go ahead and hit up C4 for some fries from the grill. Even if you’re not feeling a full meal, try and eat something during the day cause it isn’t smart to go through Parade Day on an empty stomach.