Forget Fall Blues.. Here Are Some Fall Do's!

Fall is the time of year where we all look outside and are happy, even if it’s just for a minute, that we live in the Northeast. Trees look beautiful, the air is crisp, and the days start to get shorter but are still long enough that they feel productive. If you were still in high school you’d remember this time of year as football or soccer season, the homecoming dance, or the nice part of the school year before everything gets cold and frozen. But, this year you’re here at BU and have no idea how to take advantage of the season? Look no further than to this short guide.

  1. You’ve got to try out the new Dunkin- they just added one on campus and it’s decent. They have pumpkin things and apple cider things hot and frozen, with whip cream deliciousness all on top. They have pumpkin and apple bagels, breads and muffins too. Even donuts. I know starbucks is cool and all but Dunkin can definitely compete.
  2. Get outside- check out the nature preserve! I recently just went there for the first time and it’s surprisingly nice. It’s got a long bridge you can sit and have a picnic on and a lake. It’s also got some cool trails that are good for hiking. Highly recommend checking it out- it’s there for our use and fall time is the prettiest time of year out there!
  3. Go apple picking! Self-explanatory. There are tons of apple orchards around this area because, well, we are in Binghamton. Grab a group of friends and wear cute flannels and boots and get out there!
  4. Plan out a cute Halloween costume with friends. To celebrate the end of fall, and to bring the cold weather in with a cute holiday, plan out a group or coordinating Halloween outfit idea with your best friends. I promise you won’t regret going the extra step and planning out something great! People will notice- it’s an awesome end to one of the best times of year.


So, I hope you’ve figured out something you’re going to do with your extra time this fall and I hope you all enjoy the season! Drink lots of pumpkin spice lattes, pick apples, hang in the nature preserve, and kill your Halloween plans (get it? Kill! Because Halloween. LOL)