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Favorite Binghamton Memory

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Binghamton chapter.

I have had so many amazing memories here at Binghamton. One of my all time favorites is Spring Fling last spring. It was my first spring fling ever, so there was a lot I was excited about. First of all, the weather was incredible. The sun was shining and everyone was out in shorts and tank tops. It was amazing to experience being at Binghamton in the warm weather for the first time. Seeing campus full of fun rides and games was very memorable. I did not feel like I was at school! But that was not all, in the evening there was the Yellowcard concert. I was never really a fan of their music, but the concert was so fun and good and it was such a blast. Spring fling was a great way to end off the semester before the stress of finals and I am looking forward to another fun filled spring fling this year!

Sharon Smilovich is a sophomore at Binghamton University. She is from Great Neck, NY. She is very excited to join the Her Campus team, as this is her first opportunity to express herself through writing.
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