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Fashion comes in many forms; some people follow trends and what’s popular to wear, while others dress to what they like and think looks and fits them the best. Either way, fashion is a form of expression. Many disagree with this statement, however I think that this is something everyone should understand and adopt in their lifestyle. Here are a few tips to keep in mind when you are trying to dress to impress while still sticking to who you are!

–  Don’t Follow the Status Quo: Both boys and girls should use fashion as an outlet to showcase their personality and who they are. It’s so easy for girls to just follow in the trap of what’s popular. It’s important that adolescences don’t succumb to styles just because they are popular. If they like it, and it demonstrates who they are then they should wear those styles! No person should feel pressured to dress a certain way to just fit in.

–  Find Something in Your Wardrobe that Makes You Unique: I think this is something that many people should try to do with their wardrobe. In order to express whom you are through what you wear, you need to have that hook that’ll get people to really notice. For example, if bows are an accessory that really embodies who you are, make sure to emphasize that in every outfit you wear.

–  Don’t Hide Behind What You Wear, Embrace What You Have: Many people have this assumption that clothes are just clothes, they serve no purpose. I must disagree with that thought because it’s much more than that. What you wear is the first hint to a person on who you are and what you are all about. Obviously your wardrobe shouldn’t mimic every element of your personality, however it is essential that there is a piece of who you are in everything you wear. With that being said, don’t let whatever you are wearing overpower you, whatever you got, flaunt it! Stay true to who you are and make sure that whatever you are wearing it encompasses who you are and what you stand for. 

Melissa is a sophomore at Binghamton University. She is from Scarsdale, NY. She getting a dual degree in English Rhetoric and Human Development. She loves fashion, writing, and social media. Since joining the Her Campus she has interned at two magazines, CollegeFashionista.com and Paper Magazine in NYC. She currently is the Vice President of the sorority Sigma Alpha Epsilon Pi. She is looking forward to making the next step in her HC journey from Staff Writer to Campus Correspondent.
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