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Dorm Life versus Apartment Life

There are many perks to living both on campus and off campus.  As someone who has experienced each kind of living, I thought I would share some of the advantages that each one brings. 

Dorm Life

  • Convenience – We college students have a difficult time waking up for early classes. One of the nicest aspects about living on campus is the proximity to all of the academic buildings.  In addition, if someone forgets a textbook or a notebook, he or she can easily run back to his or her room and grab what he or she needs.
  • Social life – One of the best things about living on campus is becoming friends with the people who live on your floor.  When you live in the dorms, people leave their doors open all the time and it is a simple way to meet new people.  There are also social lounges on every floor where people can hang out and you never even have to leave your building.
  • Community traditions – Students at Binghamton love the communities they live in and each one has its own unique traditions.  For example, all of the communities have co-rec football leagues in the fall; all of the residential buildings compete in a weekly touch football league.  Another example is College in the Wood’s fun event, Casino in the Woods.  Residents come together for a night full of casino activities.  There are so many events that take place in all of the communities, all of which are great ways to meet new people in a stress free environment.  

Apartment Life

  • Healthy lifestyle – When I would eat in the dining halls, I would constantly find myself not wanting to eat what they were serving.  Often, I would end up end up eating microwavable Mac n’ Cheese.  Now that I live off campus, I have a lot more options and can decide on my own what I want to cook.  Having a fully equipped kitchen makes eating healthier much easier.   Cooking your own food and learning how to budget money gives us much more independence.  
  • More physical space – Living on campus and sharing a bedroom with someone else can sometimes make it hard to squeeze everything into the room.  Having an apartment gives you not only more space to store all of your things, but gives you privacy as well.  It is nice to have the balance of having your own space while still sharing a communal kitchen and living room with your friends.
  • Entertainment – Having a kitchen in your apartment makes entertaining so easy.  I love having friends over for fun themed dinners including make your own pizza night or taco night.  Another idea is to have a movie night with your girlfriends.  When you live in the dorms, it is hard to fit so many people into one little room.  Apartments can be a great source for having lots of friends over. 
Elana is a Junior at Binghamton University. She is majoring in Business Administration with a concentration in Consulting. She is originally from New Jersey. Some of her hobbies include traveling, cooking, reading, writing and playing tennis. On campus, she is involved with Hillel and volunteers at the Boys and Girls Club. She is looking forward to writing for Her Campus and hopes to amuse and provide advice for fellow Binghamton students.
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