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I don’t know about you, but I hardly have time to get my nails done when I’m home, let alone at school. And let’s face it- it’s more fun to try it yourself anyway! As a rule of thumb, always have a clear base coat for durable application, clear top coat to protect design, and a wooden toothpick for designs. Here are some relatively easy styles to try when you’re feeling artsy:

Source: Tumblr


1. Newspaper Nails: From personal experience, I can say these look pretty cool. After painting your nails a light color like white, pale pink/gray, or a nude, dip them in rubbing alcohol for about 5 seconds. Then, take a clip from a newspaper and press it against the nail for a few seconds. Press it firmly and then slowly peel it off. Take a q-tip with nail polish remover to clean up any ink that may have gotten on your finger and then apply a top coat to keep the nails nice. (If you’re feeling fun, try it with the crossword puzzle section instead of words!


Source: Blogspot


2. Burnt Newspaper Nails: If you’re tired of the previous project, try something edgier and give your newspaper nails a burnt look. After your top coat dries, use a tooth pick or thin brush to draw lines or circles with black polish where the burnt edges would be. After it dries, use a makeup sponge to apply black and brown polish around the “edges”. Of course, apply another top coat when finished.


Source: Tumblr


3. Easy Ombre: Find two colors to blend and fade (for best results use colors in same family, like light and dark pink). Paint your nails the base color first (part to show closest to your cuticle). On a piece of paper, put a small blob of each color next to eachother and slightly blend where they meet. Take a small make up sponge, dab it in the polish and lightly dab on the better end of your nails. Repeat until you get desired result and apply top coat to blend and keep.




4. Splatter nails courtesy of nail-art-101.com:



5. Tuxedo nails a la Zooey Deschanel: Starting with a white base, draw two fat v’s at the base of the nail. Round them off and add a dot between them to make the bowtie. Draw three dots beneath for buttons and finish it off with a black french tip. Apply top coat.



Happy painting!

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