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The Coolest Places To Intern this Summer

Believe it or not the school year is almost over! Even though we Binghamton students still haven’t had our spring break yet! (One more week! Hang in there!) But after that there is only three more weeks of classes before finals! So whether you’re returining back to camp for you 11th summer to be a counselor (because you refuse to admit you will EVER be too old for camp, dw happens to the best of us!) or you haven’t even thought about what your doing over the summer you’ve been so consumed by midterms, it is time to figure out what exactly you will be doing this summer, and dw there’s still some time! Internships are a great way to get some job experience whether or not they are paid, college is the one time in you’re life you will probably ever be able to get away with doing work for free so even though it’s not ideal keep in mind an unpaid internship is just a stepping stone to a better, paying job in the future. That is why it is just as important to work hard at your internship as it is at a paid job! Here are the coolest places and ideas for internships this summer!


Although the movie The Internship was just a tad ridiculous it did get one thing right! Google is a wonderful place to work and intern! It has been ranked as the number 1 best work environment year after year and who wouldn’t want to work for one of the most successful company’s in America? Getting an internship here is very competitive but if you can manage to score one then I tip my proverbial hat to you!

Local Magazines/Radio Stations:

If you are interested in communications or media then what better way to start getting aquainted with this feild than working with a local media organization. This will give you a great basis to work off of to apply for a larger company next summer! It can also be a great way to get some great more personalized recommendations because at a smaller compay you have more of an opportunity to stand out to your supervisor and therefore a stellar recommendation! Just make sure you stand out in a good way!

Seventeen Magazine:

Just like for any big name company an internship at Seventeen is a lot of hard work but pays off well and if you are into fashion like me then this sounds like a dream job. Getting to spend your entire day around beautiful people and clothes. But don’t worry this isn’t a The Devil Wears Prada situation. Working at Seventeen is challenging but also engaging fun and exciting and in no way requires you give up delicious Jarselberg grilled cheeses made by your beautiful beau. (Because honestly who could turn down Adrian Grenier and a grilled cheese sandwhich? In my opinion no job is worth that!)

Your Parent’s Place of Work (If all else fails):

Honestly the hardest part about getting an internship is that employers like to see work experience but we all want an internship to get experience so sometimes this can be a confusing situation. So, in order to score the internship you really want it might be a good idea to suck it up and ask your mom or dad if wherever they work is looking for someone. Depending upon where they work they might have an internship program but if not most places will definetly be interested in hiring someone to do paperwork and filing. I know not the most exciting thing in the world, but hey, at least you can carpool with your parent and save on gas! And just think of how worth it, it will be when next summer you are working at your dream company!

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