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Binghamton Girls Around the World || Packing Attack

O.M.G., I am leaving for Florence in 8 days. My excitement for going abroad surpasses the way I’d
feel if going to EDC, finding the perfect black combats and getting a 4.0 GPA were all wrapped into
one! My friends and I have been counting down this day for months and it’s so surreal that now I can
do this countdown on my two hands! As I’ve been filling out ridiculous amounts of paperwork, booking
weekend trips and even trying to learn Italian, I’ve forgotten (or purposely neglected) one very
important pre-departure step: packing.

I’ll be in Italy for 3 ½ months and I’m supposed to pack my life away in 2 bags and a small carry-on.


Unfortunately, the magic packing fairies still haven’t arrived at my doorstep so I guess that means it’s
time for me to start this dreadful process. The goal is bring everything I need without over-packing and
manage to look like the trendiest American in Italy – easy right?

As I embarked on this packing process, my first step was shorts and t-shirts, sticking to basics I can
mix, match and accessorize. So while it’s still warm enough, I’ll don my signature look of shorts and a
tube top the majority of my nights out. Next is pants/jeans or in my case leggings and colored jeans.
Leggings just scream “take me, take me – I’m comfy, neutral and foldable,” so throw a few pairs of
those in my imaginary suitcase. Oh yeah, did I mention I don’t even have a suitcase yet, shiz. Anyway,
onto the jeans – I’m thinking 2 pairs of skinny’s, 1 flared, 1 black, and 3 colored pairs. Also, I’ll throw
in one pair of slacks because I may be getting a communications internship while I’m there (cross your
fingers for me). Now all I have left is going out shirts, dresses, skirts, vests, sweaters and cardigans,
okay making progress, I think?

Now onto the deeper cuts – Shoes. Well at my 5’10 stature I’m relieved to hear that heels are a no-go
because of the cobblestone streets. So I’ll bring a few pairs of nice sandals and wedges for nights. For
daytime, my toms, some flats and sneakers should suffice. Which brings us to the sorest of all subjects –
boots. Us Binghamton folk understand the necessity of boots for every occasion. Riding, combat, tall,
short, raining, comfortable, black, brown, heeled, flat – boots on boots on boots! In case boots didn’t
already take up enough space, try having a size 11 foot! I’m yet to choose which boots will accompany
me in Italy but all I know this dilemma will result in regrets and some tears.

Time for me and my moms to go get luggage, space bags, adapters, toiletries and all of that good stuff.
Equipped with at least 5 Bed, Bath & Beyond coupons, our family friend’s Costco card, and an
emptied trunk, we are ready to hit the town. Packing sucks but it means that I’m even closer to living in
Firenze! I’ll update you guys soon, arrivederci.

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