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5 Things to Look Forward to for the Rest of the Semester

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Binghamton chapter.

The semester is quickly coming to an end. With tests, projects, and a sudden bombardment of homework, it may seem as if nothing else is going on. Here are five things to look forward to for the rest of the semester!


  1. Community Events

The debate over which community is the best is ongoing. Whether it be Dickinson or Newing (but mostly Dickinson), come out and enjoy what other communities have to offer! HillFest is one of the biggest events Hillside has to offer. On November 6 at the Hillside Quad and Commons, is where you can find free food, music, games, along with, inflatable jousting, a 30-foot obstacle course, and later a cook off from 4-6 pm. Newing is also offering free cupcakes and a “fun dance party” in the Broome Great Room. Stop by on November 7th from 8-9pm for an hour of fun!


2. SAPB Presents: Frankie Cosmos with Big Thief

SAPB has come again with yet another performance, this time bringing a free concert featuring alternative artist Frankie Cosmos and the band Big Thief. The concert takes place on November 11th in the UU Undergrounds. Doors open at 7:30, be sure to snag a seat and enjoy the impressionist vocals of the one and only Frankie Cosmos!


3. The Binghamton Crosbys Present: Breakfast at Dillinger’s

Sick of Spotify? Come out and support the Binghamton Crosbys in the Anderson Center Chamber Hall on November 12th. While it may not be exactly like the Pentatonix, it is definitely worth a listen! General Admission is $10 and Student admission is $6 with your BU ID.


4. Random Acts of Kindness

Kick off the giving season by participating in a week full of fun and service. While the event may be aimed towards those in CIW, anyone is able to participate. The event takes place from November 14 -18th. On Monday, donate clothes and food outside of Seneca Hall. Tuesday, free hugs and high fives are available outside the CIW Dining Hall. Wednesday, make cards for sick children and soldiers in the CIW Area Office. Thursday, find a positive message in CIW and share it with someone. And lastly on Friday, laundry detergent and dryer sheets are free in CIW laundry facilities!


5. FrostFest

Get out all your stress at this year’s annual Frost Fest in the University Union on December 4th from 1-5 pm. While the event has not been officially announced yet, past activities include indoor ice rinks, photo booths, silent discos, blacklight/glow-in-the-dark arcades, mechanical bulls, and more! Stay tuned for more updates!

Victoria is a Freshman at Binghamton University majoring in Accounting with a concentration in Marketing. She is from Syracuse, New York and spends her summers in Brooklyn. Her hobbies include: sculpting, religiously reading Buzzfeed, and drinking peach tea lemonade.
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