Crime, Cheer and Cori

Born to two Berry alumns, Cori is no stranger to campus! She has a passion for criminal psychology, children and cheerleading. Learn more about Cori with Her Campus Berry!


Name: Cori Carmony

Year: freshman

Major: psychology

Minor: family sciences and Spanish

Hometown: Bethlehem, Georgia


What did you find most challenging while transitioning from high school to college?

“Not having my parents there for every little thing. You can’t be like, ‘Yo, mom, I need this,’ and have her go get it. You have to be dependent on yourself.”


Was the transition difficult?

“After Viking Venture everything fell into place. I got used to being here and not being at home. I don’t feel it was a very difficult transition for me just because I’ve been coming up to Berry five or six times a year since I was born. Berry was already my second home, so I felt pretty comfortable right away.”


Why did you visit campus so much growing up?

“Both of my parents are actually alumni. They met on campus, so I’ve been coming up here since I was born!”


Cori with her family


Is there anything in particular you want to do with your major and minors?

“I really want to work with kids and their families. I especially want to work with kids who have special disabilities like Down's Syndrome or behavioral issues, or kids who have been in or are currently in the prison system.”


What inspired you to pursue a career in child criminal psychology?

“I’ve always loved kids. I got really into criminal psychology, but I knew that if I did adult criminal psychology it would be really taxing on me. No one ever focuses on the fact that kids can murder people too, and obviously there are psychological issues there if that happens. A child is more likely to be rehabilitated than an adult, and that’s really my goal.”


Do you like crime TV shows?

“Yes, they’re my favorite! Criminal Minds, CSI and NCIS are my top three.”  


Do you have any hobbies?

“I love taking pictures, and I model. I like to work both sides of the camera.”



What are some of activities you do on campus?

“I’m a cheerleader for football and basketball, so I do a lot of stuff with the cheer team. Right now we’re doing an intramural softball team with all of us on it, so that’s really fun.”


Did you cheer before Berry?

“Yes, I’ve been cheering since the fifth grade. I normally cheer competitively. I didn’t do what is considered sideline cheerleading until ninth grade. I didn’t like it at first, but now I’m in love with it.”


Is cheerleading different in college?

“”It’s definitely a lot different doing sideline cheerleading in college. I’ve gotten really close with a lot of the girls, and we have a really great family dynamic.”