11 Signs You’re a Comm Major Going Into Senior Year

1. You finally feel comfortable calling (some) professors by their first names.

“You on your way to vis media crit? Tell Curt I said hi!”


2. Writing/editing papers for gen ed courses is a nightmare after getting used to AP Style.

Using the Oxford comma? Spelling out months? What is this?


3. You know every last person in your comm courses.

You’ve probably had at least one comm course with them before and possibly bonded over a mutual dislike of a certain class or professor.


4. Being able to tell who is a PR/vis com/sports reporting/journalism major by appearance.

You can just tell.


5. Living in fear because you haven’t taken media law or comm theory yet.

You’re terrified the courses will live up to their reputations and you will spend senior year studying and crying.



6. You can now actually explain what you do in your major when people ask.



And it makes you sound pretty darn competent!


7. You know which computers in the Laughlin lab print the slowest or don’t print at all.

Avoid the third computer on the second row. Trust me.


8. Perfecting the art of looking like your crap’s together.

Your ability to throw together a pretty decent presentation/analysis/article/design the night before it’s due is impressive.


9. Being defensive and supportive of comm productions (The Campus Carrier, Viking Fusion, Cabin Log, etc.) because you know everyone or most everyone on staff.

“Have you read this week’s Carrier? Best one yet, and I’m not just saying that because my friend wrote the front page article!”

10. The comm department inside jokes never fail to make you laugh.


“Brave Little Toaster” is probably the most profound and beautiful movie ever created.


11. You’re really, really excited to spend a great last year with your awesome comm fam.