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Zachary Edwards ’17

Zachary Edwards, one of Bentley’s newest transfer students, is from Easthampton, MA. He is majoring in Business Management with a concentration in Entrepreneurship and will graduate from Bentley in 2017. On campus, he is involved in the Bentley Investment Group as an analyst in the macroeconomic sector and is also a member of Best Buddies. His interests include running his own business, snowboarding, baseball, and helping people in need. Keep reading to find out more about this week’s Campus Cutie!


Inside Details

HC: Describe yourself in 3 words.

ZE: Trustworthy, go-getter, charismatic.


HC: Any secret talents?

ZE: I can cook.


HC: What would be your dream job?

ZE: General manager of an MLB team.


HC: If Yellas had a sandwich named after you, what would it be called?

ZE:  It would be called, “The Neighbor Code”, comprised of ciabatta bread with turkey, ham, crispy bacon, a little bit of hand-cut french fries, lettuce, jalapeño jack cheese and grey poupon deli mustard— all panini pressed



HC: What’s your favorite place in the world?

ZE: Cape Cod


HC: Favorite Bentley memory or experience?

ZE: The friends I have made as a result of the people I have met since coming to Bentley.


HC: What’s your favorite band?

ZE: Red Hot Chili Peppers


Love, Love, Love

HC: What would you like to do on your ideal date?

ZE: Sushi with a bonfire on the beach.


HC: What’s your pick-up line of choice? 

ZE: “Hey, I’m Zachary”


HC: What do you look for in a girlfriend/boyfriend?

ZE: Intelligence, trustworthiness, being down to earth, and most importantly, a good cook!


Relationship Status: Single 

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