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Your College School Year as told by It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia

As this school year comes to an end it’s only right that we reflect on the highs and lows of college with a little help from the characters of the popular comedy It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia.

In the beginning of the school year you’re SUPER optimistic…

You’re totes ready to make lots of new friends. You’re sick of being stereo-typed. It’s time to branch out.

After a few weeks, the reality of schoolwork starts to kick in. You begin to occasionally miss a class or two. You break out the old “I’m not really a morning person” excuse.

And all of a sudden the midterm is tomorrow and you’re trying to figure out how to kindly ask your professor for mercy… and an extension.

But you panic instead.

Now you have to study extra hard for the next test. You begin to stress out.

While the girl sitting next to you in class passed with flying colors. And you’re all like, “She doesn’t even deserve it.”

… So instead of attempting to get ahead of your school work you succumb to the stress.

Your roommate calls you out for stealing their food and you play the sympathy card.

Really though, you can’t stop eating.

Then, if there wasn’t enough to worry about, winter is here and your appearance takes a drastic turn for the worse.

Again, your roommate calls you out. This time it’s for looking like a slob. But you’re smart this time –you turn it around on them.

Hold up.  SPRING BREAK IS HERE. It’s time to do fun things with your friends.

And after a short few days you’re back. Your professor dares to ask how your break was.

But you tell yourself it’s time to hit the books. You know – those textbooks that are in mint condition because you haven’t touched them all year.’


LOL, just kidding. You can’t learn anything from reading a book. It’s time to search the interweb and cram until you can’t cram anymore.

You realize it’s more than half way through the school year. You also realize all of your friends have jobs for the summer. When your parents ask you why you don’t have one yet you get a little frustrated.

You desperately make an appointment with Career Services but realize you are severely underqualified for the jobs of which you have applied.

But there’s no reason to be down. It’s the weekend. Another excuse to put off even more work and dance with your pals. Maybe break out a solo dance or two.

Finals are a week away. After months of school work, it’s safe to say you’re pretty much over it.

But first – Spring Day.

So, yeah… about those finals.

And after a few torturous days, it’s all over. Sure, you’re going to miss your friends but your mom stocked up on Cocoa Puffs so your summer is officially made. You don’t have to scour campus for food anymore.

A week after your last final, you professor e-mails the class and asks if you would like to see your final grade. You kindly respond…

School’s out. Time to catch some rays.





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