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The Worst and Best Parts of Passover with Your Fam


1. Getting questioned like you are in the Spanish Inquisition about your love life, post-grad plans, your summer job, where you will live – the questions go on forever.

2. Of course, having to sit across from the one cousin you absolutely cannot stand at the Seder and having to listen to him/her talk for at least two to three hours without losing your cool.

3. Having to explain at least twelve different times what your post-grad job is. We should just hand out pamphlets and save time.

4. Sitting through the hour of prayer before dinner. We are starving. Can we speed this up, please?

5. The horseradish. So. Much. Horseradish.


1. Getting ALL the tea from your cousins about the family gossip.

2. Hanging out with your mom and getting to commentate to each other about what is happening at the Seder table in real-time.

3. You can eat all of the delicious food. The brisket, the sweet potatoes with marshmallows, the salmon, oy vey. So yummy.

4. Enjoying coffee, tea, and dessert with your family and catching up on everyone’s lives.

5. When you get in the car to go home with your family and get to talk about everyone and everything that happened at Passover and spill the tea with each other. It’s my personal belief that my family could give the Kardashians a run for their money.

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