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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Bentley chapter.

With Women’s History Month coming to a close, we wanted to spotlight some incredible women that we admire for all that they do and who they are. We asked Bentley’s Delta Sigma Pi chapter to help us out – here are the women we’re celebrating today and every day on our campus!

Name: Banmai

Year: 2024

Woman you admire: Rev. Robin Olsen

Why: She never fails to brighten my day with her energy and kindness! She always makes me feel so welcomed and loved in the Sacred Space. Bentley will miss her so much when she retires!

One word to describe them: Compassionate

Name: Ellie 

Year: 2024

Woman you admire: Camille from the 921

Why: She is always eager to start conversations with me, I value this so much. Especially if I’m having an off day, I can depend on Camille to tell me a story!

One word to describe them: Kind-hearted

Name: Risa

Year: 2023

Woman you admire: Mirabelle Pierre-Louis

Why: She works really hard for everything and holds multiple jobs both on and off campus! She is rarely recognized for her work but continues to pour her heart into everything. She is so kind and supportive to everyone she meets. She will support anyone in any way she can!

One word to describe them: Magnanimous

Name: Hailey 

Year: 2024

Woman you admire: Professor Erin Flynn

Why: Professor Flynn has been an amazing mentor for me. She has incredible experience in the corporate world and has found great success in her career, which I really admire. She expects excellence from her students, provides in-depth feedback, and has really inspired me to produce high quality work. Not only has she helped me with marketing, but she’s also taught me invaluable skills in terms of public speaking and how to best present myself. 

One word to describe them: Confident

Name: Emmi

Year: 2025

Woman you admire: Riya Dalal

Why: Riya is one of the most dedicated and driven people I know. She is involved in so much on campus and her leadership skills truly shine through. I know that I can always turn to her for help and she’ll always be there. She is also one of the smartest people I know!

One word to describe them: Caring

Name: Sarah 

Year: 2025

Woman you admire: Dimple Patel

Why: Dimple is one of the most selfless and caring people that I have met during my time at Bentley. She is always willing to help whenever someone needs and I can rely on her when I need a helping hand or an extra ear. Her compassion and empathy speaks volumes about her character and she has made my experience at Bentley a comforting one, where I can express who I am without worrying about others judging me. 

One word to describe them: Empathetic

Name: Raj 

Year: 2025 

Woman you admire: Aashi Patel 

Why: To be a driving force and still have the ability to differ the personal from professional is a trait that I genuinely admire. I believe Aashi has the ability to give her all to what she aims to accomplish, along with always sustaining a healthy mindset. She has been quintessential in helping me understand what I can achieve at Bentley, along with assisting me in exploring both my social and professional opportunities. 

One word to describe them: Determined 

Name: Andrew

Year: 2025

Woman you admire: Traci Abbott

Why: Professor Abbott has been a role model for me on campus since the fall semester of my first year. I have admired the work she does for this campus from afar and throughout taking her Women in Literature course, as well as working with her on the LGBTQ+ Steering Committee. Professor Abbott is the Gender Studies minor coordinator and constantly works on educating the Bentley community on inclusive terminology. She has been an advocate for queer students on campus and has hosted different workshops during Trans Awareness Week in addition to her work in the Valente Center. 

One word to describe them: Includer

Name: Shlok

Year: 2024

Woman you admire: Dimple Patel

Why: They say that a person’s true wealth is determined by the amount of good they do in the world. In Dimple’s case, she has always been able to see the best in everyone around her and is there to celebrate with them in their happier days and comfort them in their darkest times. Barely having time in her schedule to get a meal, Dimple is almost ever-present to tend to all of her on-campus responsibilities. Her contributions to DSP, SGA, SP&E and the larger Bentley community go unnoticed but she certainly empowers me to be hard worker on a daily basis

One word to describe them: Resilient

Name: Aldo

Year: 2025

Woman you admire: Dimple Patel

Why: One of the most genuine and caring persons at Bentley. She always puts others before herself and if you ever need help with anything she will always be willing to be that extra hand. She makes sure when she does something that she puts her 110% into it. All of her contributions on campus speak for themselves. Even by being so busy she always makes time to check up on you and make sure you are doing okay. 

One word to describe them: Loyalty

Name: Shlok

Year: 2024

Woman you admire: Abby Kirsch

Why: You will almost never see anybody as accomplished, yet driven, as Abby Kirsch. Having worked with her, she consistently goes above and beyond expectations and makes one want to better themselves as a leader. Abby is the definition of an over-achiever. She is involved in almost every organization I can think of on the top of my head and is always ready to make an impact. Abby teaches me that no matter how hard college gets, there is significant value in persevering through it. One of the most significant Bentley students ever.

One word to describe them: Motivated

While Women’s History Month is a great time to thank the women in your life, every day is a great day to recognize the hard working women who make our campus as amazing as it is. Thank you to all the beautiful, strong women at Bentley – we appreciate you!

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