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Woman Crush Wednesday: Sandra Bullock

Sandra Bullock can do it all. From her days in Miss Congeniality, to the gut-busting comedy that is The Heat, the family film Blind Side and the Academy-Award winning blockbuster Gravity, Ms. Bullock has proved she can do it all. Here are some other reasons why she’s this week’s pick for Woman Crush Wednesday:

1.      She likes to party

2.      She can work it

3.      Although sometimes she has trouble walking

4.      Other celebrities pretend to be her

5.      She’s a good dancer

6.      She has the magical ability of smelling bacon

7.      She’s one of us

8.      She isn’t afraid to ask for what she wants

9.      She also isn’t afraid to speak her mind

10.  She’s badass


11.  She gets pretty intimate with Ryan Reynolds

12.  She’s very welcoming

13.  She gives good advice

14.  She can be vulnerable at times

15.  She’s gorgeous

16.  Meryl Streep sent her flowers

17.  She has a pretty smile

18.  She and her son Louis are absolutely adorable together

Love you Sandra! Stay fabulous!


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