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Woman Crush Wednesday: Beyoncé

Beyoncé is the Queen. She’s one of the most powerful, admired, and loved superstars of our generation, and will continue to be so for many years to come. It’s hard to scratch the surface of the reasons why I love Beyoncé, but I shall try to do so here:


1.      She’s fierce



2.      She’s great at dancing


3.      She’s not afraid to show her feelings


4.      She’s a natural beauty


5.      She has a mesmerizing smile


6.      Her Super Bowl performance SHUT DOWN THE STADIUM


7.She wakes up like dis


8.Gaga loves her


9.She’s ½ of the world’s greatest power couple


Can they adopt me? Please?


10.She empowers women


11.She’s very insightful


12.She likes to eat fruit


13.She makes faces like these


14. Her hair is full of bounce


15.Throwback to her Destiney’s Child days


16.She rocked this hat and these giant hoop earrings


17.She’s friends with Oprah


18.She’s a loving mother


She should name her second child “Poison Ivy” (just saying).


19.She introduced the world to the “Single Ladies” dance



I love you Beyoncé! Stay amazing!




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