Why Paris Geller is the Real MVP of "Gilmore Girls"

Paris Geller: the name that makes most Gilmore Girls fans (and the halls of Chilton) shudder. Often regarded as the shrewd and unyielding companion of Rory Gilmore, Paris is, in actuality, an unapologetic go-getter who will go to great lengths to accomplish her goals. She never took a single opportunity for granted, nor did she ever feel entitled to success. Ambitious, painstaking, and brilliantly self-assured, Paris is the true MVP of the Gilmore Girls series. Here’s why:


She held herself to high standards, expecting the most from herself and those around her.


She never paid any attention to the haters, and wouldn’t allow them the satisfaction of getting inside her head.


She knew how to let loose every now and then.


She realized that it’s never too late to reinvent yourself and become the person you want to be.


She was willing to reach out of her comfort zone.


She was able to own up to and apologize for her mistakes.


She was open and honest with those who she cared about, and looked out for their best interests.


She refused to let anyone get away with disrespecting her.


She was focused and placed tremendous value on her education.


She was confident in her mind and appearance.


She was unwilling to falter in her beliefs for anyone else’s sake


She was well-aware that the squeaky wheel gets the oil—and conveyed her persistence with artful sarcasm.


She wasn’t afraid to occasionally break down and lean on her friends.


She understood that you need to be odd to be number one.


And, of course, she was fervent, passionate, and able to celebrate every victory.





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