Why Packing is the Hardest Thing EVER!

Hold on, to me as we go/As we roll down this unfamiliar road/And although this wave is stringing us along/Just know you’re not alone/'Cause I’m going to make this place your home

~ Philip Philips (Home)

Throughout my sophomore year, my friends, professors, and the various staff here have made Bentley feel more and more like my home. When people ask me where I'm from, I'll tell them Pennsylvania. When people ask where I live, I'll tell them South Carolina. But when people ask me where home is, my response is always Bentley. That's one of the things that makes packing up and leaving so hard. Saying goodbye to everyone and knowing I won't see them again for three months is incredibly sad, even though I know each and every one of us will be going on a special adventure this summer what with jobs, internships, traveling, and spending time with family. However, rather than making this a sappy story about how much I will miss Bentley until I come back on August 25th (already counting down the days), I am going to elaborate on the immense struggles of packing that we are all currently going through.

First, how did I not realize I had that much stuff??? I'm pretty sure three-quarters of it was hidden around the dorm room, and I forgot I owned it. At the same time, it's hard to get rid of anything on the off chance that I will someday need it (although I will be lucky to find it). Every year more and more stuff accumulates too because Bentley loves to give us free stuff. On the other hand, the Give n' Go was fantastic for getting rid of things I no longer need, and I would highly recommend it to others. They take stuff off your hands so you don't have to throw things away, and you can even pick something to take in return! 

Second, reorganizing everything takes a lot of time. I allotted two full days to sorting my things and packing up, and I still struggled to get everything done. I consider myself to be a fairly neat person, but organizing is time-consuming.

Third, it is hard to fit a mini-fridge into a Toyota Prius. I learned the hard way. It will fit (long ways across the backseat), but don't expect to get it in without some help. Furthermore, packing everything into the car and unloading it again at the storage unit was quite a workout. It also takes several trips to a storage unit if you have a lot of stuff like I do. Ask your friends for help if necessary!

Fourth, just when you think you have packed everything up and are ready to go, you will find something you forgot. It happens every time. If you leave anything in your room you will get a fine, so check everything carefully multiple times. 

Finally, packing up is the most depressing thing ever (at least for me). I cannot believe I am already halfway through my college years; I'm not ready for it to be over anytime soon. I can't wait to see what adventures this summer brings though, and I'm looking forward to a great couple months before coming back refreshed for another year.