Why I Started Using ColourPop Cosmetics

My name is Erin—I am a sometimes self-conscious but always makeup-obsessed 18-year-old freshman at Bentley.

I learned about ColourPop about a year ago when I read about their makeup online. I decided to order a few of their products, but already had so much makeup that the new products I bought just wound up getting lost in my collection.

A few months ago, news about ColourPop Cosmetics resurfaced. When I heard that they would start selling some of their products in Sephora, I decided to start learning about the brand again—and this time, I fell in love with it.

The company began in 2014, and both the factory and offices are located in Los Angeles. What I love most about the brand is the core belief that makeup is something that should be used for experimentation—and that in the makeup industry, trends may come and go very quickly. In response to these ideas, all of ColourPop’s products are super inexpensive, yet fantastic in quality. It’s like buying Sephora-quality makeup, but with drugstore beauty prices! I also love that the brand is completely vegan and cruelty-free. As they say on their website, they love their “fur babies.”

A few weeks ago, I finally decided to clean out my makeup collection and get rid of most of my old makeup that I no longer use. To complete this overhaul process, I placed a huge order from ColourPop to try out a bunch of their different products and in turn replace my old ones. I’ve quickly grown to love all of their products, and now anytime I want to buy some new makeup, the only place I look is ColourPop. The products apply smoothly on my face and just feel good. Now, the only lip products I use are those which I’ve bought from ColourPop, and I don’t think I’ll ever go back to paying $25 for a lipstick from Sephora!




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