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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Bentley chapter.

Queen Bey said it, not me. (but I am about to.)

Unlike past summers, us girls did not leave this one just with bad tan lines and a failed summer fling. Instead, we left this chapter with a deeper understanding of our feminism, and an inviting community of women who are, technically, the same as us. 

Taylor Swift’s musical presence has skyrocketed within the past year through her world tour: The Eras Tour, and her multiple new releases of re-recorded albums. Bringing girls closer through her army of “Swifties” and their fan projects and friendship bracelets, she has not just taken over our time, our radios, and our wallets, but also our conversations. Taylor has undoubtedly been the topic of conversation in countless nations, and among people of differentiating backgrounds. Though oftentimes a character who many have very extreme opinions on, Taylor remains in our lives whether we like it or not. (Personally, I do.) This motion will only continue, as her “Eras Tour Movie” hits theaters on October 13.

Taylor is not the only one spreading her music across the globe this year, as Beyonce herself is holding her own “Renaissance” World Tour. Beyonce along with Swift have held off on tours for quite a bit of time. Meaning we can only expect that once she announced this tour, fans all over the world went crazy, pushing Beyonce up the popularity charts for the summer of 2023. Having these two insanely popular female figures traveling from city to city, selling merchandise and boosting their streams, has had a lasting impact on society and the female community.

Aside from the music industry, female culture has been overpowering in theaters as well. The “Barbie” movie starring Margot Robbie topped the charts not just for the Summer of 2023, but currently remains at #1 in the box office for the whole year of 2023. Exceeding many expectations, the impressive success of this movie did not just radiate careless feelings of girly fashion and humor, but left viewers with an inspirational understanding of womanhood and the female experience. 

While all genders may enjoy these artists and productions, it is without doubt that their profound success has largely come from female influence. People may poke fun at our hyper-feminine interests, yet these interests have had an overwhelming takeover on both the media, and the United States economy. Women have bonded through these times and grown closer with these shared interests being so largely recognized. The past year has shown the world that the female dollar has value, and that the female mindset has worth.

Hi I’m Charlotte! I am from Wakefield MA and a current marketing major at Bentley University. I love anything social & creative; I mainly write about beauty, fashion, and pop culture! You can find me shopping any day of the week or at Starbucks :)