What Your Late Night Order Says About Your Night

What Your Late Night Order Says About Your Night

Mozzarella Sticks- You’re soooooo drunk off of barefoot moscato and hoping these mozz sticks will sober you up, because lets be real whether it’s 320 or 112 you have a ton of work to do before your group meeting tomorrow.

Mein Bowl- You must be an underclassmen thinking that this is the best thing ever or an upper classmen thinking to yourself this isn’t the same as club Mein bowl back in the day. Either way you can barely taste it because your taste buds are still numb from the amount of rubinoff you drank that night.

Chicken Fingers- You like to go out and have a wild time but tonight just isn’t that night. Overall you had a good, but not amazing night. You didn’t get to go to the party you wanted to but you still had fun with your friends. You may not be up for late night, but since everyone else is, some chicken fingers will probably hit the spot. You’re kind of just going through the motions of the night but don’t get me wrong tomorrow night you could be the person ordering Asia Wok.

We know this is what you're craving now

Dominos- Look at you, you're such a big spender deciding to use real money on the late night munchies. Odds are you had a decent night out but after 2 hours of either being in some gross frat basement or crammed in a sweaty suite with 50 other people you and your crew have called it a night and just want to chill out and gossip about how Joe is back with Jill or how drunk Carrie was. Or you passed on going out all together and decided to just have a wine and movie night. 

What Asia Wok looks like with drunk goggles on.

Asia Wok- I’d say you’re a big spender too but odds are you’re too blackout to even remember placing the order. You sure had one fun night and can’t think of a better way than ending it with Chinese food. But odds are you’ll pass out before it even comes and wake up confused to why you have 7 missed calls from a random number or if you manage to stay up for it you’ll wake up to the containers everywhere wondering what you really ate last night because it sure doesn’t look like chicken.

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Russo’s Sandwich- You’ve had a really long night and you’re just really hungry and sober. You’re wondering how it takes so long to make a simple sandwich and probably constantly checking your phone to make sure your best friend is still alive because once again she got too drunk and you’re once again stuck playing mom. 

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