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What to Wear When You’re Wild & Free

Spring Day 2017: Wild and Free with musical guests Travis Scott and Metro Boomin

Now that we have that out of the way, the real question is, what are you going to wear? Obviously the sororities and frats will have their designated tanks and tees, but we GDIs have some serious decisions to make. Every year Bentley graces us with a theme to dictate the day’s activities, and even our outfits. My freshman year the theme was “America” so I sported American Apparel Blue Starred Leggings, sophomore year was tropical so we had to find a print, junior year was “Good Vibes” so we channeled Coachella. It’s my senior year and in Bentley’s 100th year they handed us the “Wild and Free” theme. Some say that this is just another name for last year’s “Good Vibes” theme, some say we should go all out wild with animal prints and tribal prints. Regardless of what side you’re on, here’s a little lookbook of what you could wear to match this year’s Spring Day theme. 

Coachella Copycats

“Wild and free sounds like a Coachella 2.0; I imagine a lot of prints and flower crowns on the ladies and fringe vests and gladiator sandals for the men.” – Stephanie Slater Smith

Welcome to Coachella weekend #3 all the way across the country @ Bentley. Think off the shoulder tops, flowy shirts, crop tops, tassels, high waisted shorts, lace, kimonos, maxi dresses, sheer, crocheted, sandals, and body jewelry. This theme is pretty basic, and not how I’d interpret the theme, so let’s move along. 

“I think wild and free reminds me of hippies and twirling in circles with a lot of beads. Friendship is important for this theme, as well as fringe and mesh. The three most important F’s of the day are Friendship, Fringe, and Fun.” – Monika Nowak

This specific theme quoted above is the distant cousin of the Coachella Copycats, as a Bentley student describes it they imagine an off-white mesh tank with fringe all over. Good vibes meets… mesh? You may only see a handful of students sporting this look, but if you’re still up in the air about your outfit this could be the direction you go in.

Wild Animal

“When I hear wild and free I think of bold colors and fun patterns. I feel like the best part of this day is to mix things together that you wouldn’t usually mix. The three F’s for my take on the theme would be Fur, Feathers, and Freakitude. Animal print is seriously my jam.” – Alexis Mandery

Literally get wild this Saturday with the animal print of your choice. You may even already have some in your closet! Popular prints include cheetah, leopard, zebra, cow hide, tiger, lion, giraffe, dog, the puppy snapchat filter, and peacock. Going wild may also mean you add some geo-tribal print here and there! If you don’t have any tribal print clothes, you can always improvise by wrapping a tapestry around your body like a skirt/dress. 

Home Free

We took “wild” literally, so let’s take “free” literally. Imagine you’re in prison and Spring Day is the day you can finally liberate yourself! You’d be leaving the prison wearing the clothes you went in with, so the real question is, what will you wear to prison? Because that’s your Spring Day outfit!

Hi, my name is Molly! I'm currently the Co-President and a Campus Correspondent for Bentley University's HC chapter. 
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