What Should You Be Watching This Fall?

1.    Scandal

There is a reason this show is number one on the list. Scandal is everything you hope a TV show would be…and more. Not only is the acting top notch (Kerry Washington takes fabulous to another level) but the story lines will (I guarantee you) blow your mind.


2.    Grey’s Anatomy

Grey’s is like an old friend who has been by your side for years. It’s loyal and never disappoints. For those who have never seen Grey’s, it’s time to log into that Netflix account and catch up on the last ten seasons (yes, ten seasons does seem overwhelming, but trust me it is worth it.)


3.    How To Get Away With Murder

Yes, I know, this is the third Shonda Rhimes show on the list, but come on, Shonda is a goddess and every TV show she makes is complete gold. This is her brand new one and boy, is it a thriller. Viola Davis (from The Help) stars in this new intense drama.