What to Get Your Man for Valentine's Day

Valentine’s Day is around the corner and it's every girls (in a relationship) favorite holiday. We get showered with gifts, flowers and chocolates on this romantic day. But ladies, think as we are lavished with expensive gifts, most times we don’t get our guys anything. The reason is because guys are so much harder to shop for and this holiday isn’t marketed toward men’s gifts. To help you this year, here are 5 easy gifts to get your man this Valentine’s Day:

1.     Wallet

Guys always have their wallets on them, so a new leather wallet for Valentine’s Day is the perfect gift. If you want make it even more special, you can include gift cards to your favorite restaurants or stores.


2.     Shoes

Guys are always in need of nice shoes for family parties, dinners, parties at the bar, and taking us to fancy restaurants (...in our dreams). Boat shoes are the staple to every guy's wardrobe, so whether you are buying them their first pair or replacing their worn out ones, they are sure to appreciate them!


3.     Sunglasses

Every guy deserves a good pair of sunglasses that they didn't get for free at the Activities Fair. The Ray-Ban Wayfarer glasses are a classic that practically look good on everyone. 

4.     Sports Tickets

You'll win "Girlfriend of The Year" if you get him tickets for his favorite team. 


5.     Baked Goods

Fact: Boys love food. Show him you care by baking him something sweet. 



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