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This Is What Dreams Are Made Of: Netflix TBT Edition

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Bentley chapter.

This November has brought us many surprises so far, whether you like them or not. Don’t worry though, if all else fails, Netflix will always have your back. There’s some major throwbacks coming your way, so drag out your old Juicy Couture track suits and Abercrombie jean skirts, and without further ado, let’s get into what’s new (or should I say old) on Netflix this month!

Hey now, hey now….

The Lizzie Mcguire Movie

is on Netflix. I repeat, the Lizzie Mcguire Movie is on Netflix! Clear your schedules and pack your bags because it’s time to head to Roma. TBH, still can’t believe this was their EIGHTH grade trip. I think we were all still in the awkward stage then, not pretending to be international pop sensations.

P.S I will always be team Gordo, am I right ladies?

Do the hoedown (throwdown)

Hannah Montana: The Movie

Boom Boom Clap, Boom de Clap de Clap… Hannah Montana: The Movie has made its way to Netflix!

Brains, brawn and beyond!

Disney’s Sky High 

Everyone’s favorite teenage superhero movie that takes place in a high school elevated in the sky (or the only one that does) has soared its way into the que.

Jack, I’m flying


Everyone’s favorite tear jerker is back this month: Titanic. Though Titanic is always on and off Netflix, sort of like Jack on that board of wood, whenever they take it off I cry a little inside… not quite as much I do when I actually watch it, though!

Time to read up on the Star’s Hollow Gazette

Gilmore Girls

“A Year in the Life” is coming at the end of the month, and I personally can’t wait to catch up with my favorite small town family-filled drama! I’m going to get myself a mug of Luke’s coffee and some pizza to power through the season just like Lorelei and Rory would do– though I feel like they would get pizza, Chinese, Thai, and basically everything else imaginable.  

Happy binging, ladies!

Gilmore/Picture Titanic /Lizz/Hoedown/ sKY/

Hi, my name is Molly! I'm currently the Co-President and a Campus Correspondent for Bentley University's HC chapter.