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Wellness Wednesday: Stay Stress-Free During Finals


With only two weeks left of the semester it can be a bittersweet and stressful time for many collegiettes, but it’s important to remember that stressing out only makes things worse and most of the time these stressful situations can be avoided or easily resolved! With Spring Day behind us it’s time to get down to business and finish off this semester on a positive and happy note.  If you find yourself starting to stress try these helpful tips!

Plan Ahead

One of the worst mistakes you can make is waiting until last minute to start studying for that huge Economics Exam that’s worth 50% of your final grade! Cramming during an all-nighter is probably the easiest way to stress yourself out so AVOID AT ALL COSTS! Instead, break your studying up into short, manageable bits and be sure to only study one subject at a time. Study for all five exams in one night is a definite no no so be sure to plan ahead. Organization is key!

Make a Schedule

While you’re busy planning ahead be sure to make a schedule– a color coded one preferably! Your schedule should include the times and dates of all exams and presentations, study sessions and even fun activities to prevent you from going stir crazy! It will be easier for you to stick to your schedule if you keep it in a visible place or even synching it with your phone!

Study With Friends

The nice thing about going through the misery of finals is that you’re not alone! Find friends that are taking the same class and form a study group where you can keep each other company and ask questions if needed! Just be sure to stay on task and avoid discussing this week’s latest drama… as hard as that may be.

Sleep, Sleep, Sleep

Be sure to get plenty of rest during these next two weeks because your body can battle stress much easier when it’s well-rested! If you find yourself staying up late and unable to get a full eight hours, try taking a power nap! The most effective nap should last only 20 minutes! Short enough for any collegiate to fit into their busy schedule.

Lay Off the Caffeine

While those three coffees might make you feel great for a quick second, caffeine is a double edged sword once the crash hits. Too much caffeine can leave you with massive headaches and sleep deprivation, so instead of drinking that extra-large Red Bull try a cup of hot tea!

The best thing about finals is that they don’t last forever and you’re never alone! Do the best you can and remember to enjoy these last few weeks! Good Luck Collegietes J

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