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Today, after a taxing weekend, one of my best friends and I went on a little Valentine’s day date. We are part of a bigger friend group so we always hang out in a group of 3 or more and today was one of the only days that everyone else that we know just happened to be busy and we just happened to crave Italian food. So, in a split second decision, we decided to get dressed up and go to a local restaurant for a Valentine’s friend date.

First of all, anyone from Bentley who may be reading this should go to The Chateau. Do not be turned off by the nursing home-esque ambiance, the vibes are incredible. The employees and so nice and the food is pretty good for a college student existing solely off of dining hall dinners. 

It was so nice to get dressed up and fancy even if we were going to a not-so-high-scale place. We had so much fun just chatting and watching the super bowl in a bar full of adult men who actually knew what was going on. If anyone is looking for a fun plan this Valentine’s day, I recommend putting on your best dress and going out to eat with your friend. Our little date was zero stress and zero anxiety– I think it’s much better to hangout with someone that makes you feel comfortable and happy for an occasion like Valentine’s day.

Valentine’s day is a social construct (as are all other holidays, I guess) so spend it how you see fit. I had such a fun time with my friend at our night out and I couldn’t ask for anything better!

Jane Massett

Bentley '25

Hi! My name is Jane Massett and I'm from Westchester New York. I am a sophomore at Bentley University and I plan to major in Media and Culture.