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Treadmill Blues? Spice up your Workout with Free Blogs!

The weather is getting too cold to go for a comfortable run, the price tag now associated with the fitness classes is an unwanted expense, and the treadmill or elliptical just isn’t cutting it - right? With the holiday season and exams right around the corner, getting some type of daily exercise is so important. If you’re worried about keeping your figure around the holidays,  attempting to get some energy during a study break, or simply  making an effort at a new workout regimen, then try these awesome workout blogs to rid yourself of the treadmill blues.
5th Place: Nerd Fitness
Steve Kamb, creator of this blog, aims at helping “desk jockeys, nerds, and average Joe’s level up their lives.” This blog promotes meeting individual goals by incorporating proper form and persistence in smaller workouts in order to live a healthier, happier life.  Nerd Fitness offers free workout routines like the “Angry Birds Workout,” “20-Minute Hotel Room Workout,” or the “Beginner Body Weight Workout.” Also included are tips on how to work out properly, how to design a workout that is right for you, how to eat for your body, success stories, and inspirational articles to help inspire you to reach your goal.  The great part of this blog is that it features different exercises with links to the YouTube channel which explains the different exercises step-by-step.
4th Place: Social Workout  
“Kelly met her goal of 200 jumping jacks.” If you guessed that this sounds like a Facebook status update, you’re not too far off the mark. Social Workout utilizes the idea of challenging others and setting public goals to hold you more accountable in this sign-up only workout program. The Social Workout  was recognized by Time Magazine as one of “ten cool ways to get fit” in 2010, and works closely with companies like Athena Health, BluePrintCleanse, and Everyday Health. Members can set any goal for any activity, challenge a  Facebook friend, and join other members on a challenge- whether it’s to live green, sleep more, eat better, or getting more exercise.  The best feature of this website?  Witty email reminders about your goals and mobile access to track your actions on the go.

3rd Place: Runner’s Rambles
This blog is backed by a great story many Collegiettes™ can relate to. The starter of this blog went through high school as an athlete, and found herself dreading workouts in college because she was no longer playing a team sport. After finally getting inspired to workout, the writer admitted that she soon found the school gym boring and took up marathon running as her new challenge. For those who love running but want to re-spark their interest in it or start fresh, this is the perfect blog for you!  There are different training schedules listed, reviews for various workout products, and even tricks for avoiding boredom with running, and ways to get over the cold weather.
2nd Place: PeaceLoveYoga
Started by Laruga, an avid yoga practicer for over sixteen years, PeaveLoveYoga  focuses on using yoga to feel at peace and inspired. The homepage of this blog features a collage of inspiration and various flip cards that consist of beautiful scenic pictures, different lifestyles and sayings, and pop-culture references.  Clicking on each square brings up a larger version of the picture or connects you to an outside webpage.  After searching through all the serene flip cards, I wandered over to the PeaceLoveYoga’s YouTube page which features almost 60 videos of yoga positions and exercises at all different levels.  After trying three of them myself, I can honestly say that these exercises are the absolute best way to relax during school or during break.

1st Place: BodyRock
Looking at this blog for 30 seconds will instantly make any reader see why BodyRock is my number one workout blog.  There are not enough words to describe how much I love this website!  Zuzanna and her husband, Freddy, are committed to living healthy lifestyles by combining diet and exercise - and pictures of Zuzanna show that their methods are clearly working. Daily workout videos are posted which include an instructional example of the workout, along with ways to modify the workout if you are a beginner or if you do not have the same equipment. These workouts are fast (usually no more than 15 minutes), but definitely intense. Interval training adds a whole new level of intensity to these workouts that I have yet to find in any other home workout. Recently, Zuzanna and Freddy have hired some new hosts to expand other sections of their blog such as food and diet. These workouts are perfect for any Collegiette™ who wants a quick workout that can be done in their dorm room. This blog features before and after pictures and personal success stories from BodyRocker’s followers. After doing one of these workouts, you will be hooked - guaranteed.
Now for the icing on the cake: workout music! Everyone has their own preferences, whether it’s  techno and dance, or instrumentals. Whatever you prefer, Marie Claire’s section on workout playlists is sure to satisfy any Collegiette™’s needs. Check out the different options here.

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