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Top 5 Buzzfeed Articles of the Week


I kind of had a theme going this week. I wanted to intergrate, “aww’s” and “haha’s” all into one post. Enjoy Collegiettes!!!

1)    10 Adorable Pictures Between A Boy And His Dog

This boy and his GIANT dog are best friends. The adorable level on this is crazy high!


2)    12 Vases That Look Like Beyonce

I love Beyonce, she is awesome, but did you know she got her fashion sense not from her mother, but from lavish vases? Just kidding, but this is one big coincidence.


3)    Can You Make It Through This Post Without Giggling?

This post is filled with hilarious signs and pictures that will certainly make you laugh. But can you try to keep it in until the last picture?


4)    The 11 Most Powerful Pictures Of a Baby Covered In French Bulldog Puppies Ever Taken

Guys, this is redicuously cute and adorable. Get ready to “aww”


5. How Animals Eat Their Food

I could not stop laughing while watching this short video. The fact that it has so much legitimacy and still is bizarrely funny is refreshing. What do you think? 

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