Top 5 Art & Fashion Instagram Accounts (with less than 100k followers)


While it’s easy to get lost in aimless scrolling for hours on end, Instagram has become one of my favorite platforms. I discovered that social media was much more than just a place to keep up with friends and family. I have been actively trying to surround myself with a more positive environment, so why not apply this mindset to my experience in the digital world? I have made the decision to not only remove any negative presence via social media, but to only follow accounts that inspire and excite me, mentally, physically, and artistically. Now, through Instagram, I am able to keep up on the latest trends in art and fashion, while utilizing it for my own artistic outlet. 


My home page has essentially turned into my very own personalized museum, where every person’s post is like its own individual exhibit I get to visit and observe. I have carefully curated a list of my top art and fashion accounts to check out if you’re constantly searching for pose ideas, fashion trends, graphic designs, inspirational quotes (or if you just want  something aesthetically pleasing to look at.)


@soleneoj - Solene radiates elegant parisian vibes and her feed is nothing short of pleasing to the eye. She is authentic to her classic spin on the newest fashion trends so if this is your style, or the style you want to achieve, she is definitely worth checking out. 


@kaysthetics3000 - Based out of Montreal, Kayla is a graphic designer with an account dedicated to “virtual healing and reality.” Her digital artwork consists of beautiful graphics matched with words and quotes surrounding mental health, energy, personal growth, and all around positivity.  


@georgiagracefitz - If you’re looking for the ultimate “Pinterest Girl” inspiration, here it is. I found Georgia after watching one of her outfit-idea tik tok videos and have followed ever since. She always does “Wear or Tear” polls on her stories to keep you up to date on the newest fashion trends and has even started her very own line of handmade clothing. 


@styledbylivm - I didn’t know digital closets were a thing until I followed Liv. As an “online fashion stylist” and “personal shopper,” Liv puts together full outfits ideas from a variety of brands and prices. Basically, if you’ve ever had the idea of taking pictures of every item in your closet in order to put outfits together without having to try anything on, I found an account for that. 


@themayfairgroup - The Mayfair Group is so much more than just another loungewear shop. Their mission is to “spread positivity and other important narratives.” They share this message through posts of inspirational quotes while raising awareness of important issues like mental health and racism. The best part is, if you like their mission and positive quotes, you can get it on a sweatshirt!