Three Fantastic Activities to Spice up Your Galentine's Day

When I think of February, I think of Valentine's day. I have witnessed my friends get upset over Valentine's day in the past few years. We tend to associate the holiday with longing for a special someone who sweeps us off our feet, like the holiday of "romance." However, to me, Valentine's day is the holiday of love, love that we share with our friends and family rather than searching for our cupid. This is one of the last fun celebratory holidays of the winter season until the spring, and what better way of spending this year is with our girlfriends? 


I have compiled three activity ideas that we can use to celebrate with our girlfriends on Valentine's day. If you are out there struggling to find your cupid, no longer look. All we need are our friends and family who love us more than ever!


1. Cook/ Bake! 

If you are like me and find baking and cooking a relaxing activity, I suggest trying this out with your friends. Find a valentine's day themed meal or baked good and get creative in the kitchen! Or make it a competition and see who can make the best Valentine's day cookies or cakes. 


2. Chick Flick Movie Marathon 

A fun activity I did with my friends a few years ago was we watched as many chick flick movies on Netflix as we could. We pulled an all-nighter, watching The Titanic, The Notebook, Bridesmaids, What to expect When You're Expecting, and more. Grabbing some hot chocolate and kicking your feet back to several valentine’s day themed movies are a great way to bond with your friends.


3. "Secret Cupid" 

If you have more than two friends in your friend circle,  play "secret cupid." Place your names in a hat, and each person at random selects one person to purchase a valentine's day gift set at a budget to which your friends decide. Similar to Secret Santa, this time, you can get your friends baskets of Valentine's day candy, flowers, scented candles, lotion, or makeup.