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Who needs a significant other on Valentine’s Day when you can gather your closest girlfriends and celebrate Galentine’s Day! I am here to create an agenda for your Galentine’s day, so you don’t have to. This day is meant to have fun and appreciate the people in your life but if you’d rather spend Galentine’s Day alone, you can still abide by this agenda. 

First thing, wake up and get ready for the day because the first stop we’re hitting is brunch. I mean put on your best outfits and makeup and do your hair the way you always wanted to do. 

Find your local brunch spot or your favorite place to eat, splurge on whatever meal you want, and just enjoy the environment around you. If it’s warm out maybe do a picnic or a little barbecue to celebrate.

After brunch, go to the mall or walk around the city and spoil yourself. We don’t need a significant other spoiling us when we got our independent selves. (But make sure to give yourself a budget because sometimes we can go a little overboard, speaking from experience). While exploring, have a photoshoot with your closest friends or even by yourself because there’s nothing more empowering than dressing up and taking some amazing photos.

You must be sick of walking all day and spending money, so we’re finishing the day with a relaxing night of face masks, rom coms, and your favorite snacks while wearing your comfiest pj’s. This is probably my favorite part of the day, to just unwind and read a good book or watch numerous movies. Don’t let the idea of Valentine’s Day think it’s wrong to be single or have no plans, we should celebrate ourselves and the people in our lives!

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Nubya Filho

Bentley '24

Hey, Y'all! My name is Nubya, I am a sophomore at Bentley and am majoring in marketing with a minor in global management! My favorite things to do are reading, hiking, and traveling.
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