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Things to buy on your next Trip to Trader Joes

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Trader joes is my go-to spot to find interesting and different little snacks before starting my week. So, I decided to compile a list with something you should buy on your next trip to the store!

The dark chocolate drizzled plantain chips 

Everytime I get these I feel like they last me months. I snack on them when i crave something sweet & salty because they have a bit of salt on them. Must try!

Mango Smoothies 

So GOOD and refreshing in the summer, especially because it’s not too thick. You have to try it!

Everything but the Bagel Nut Duo

Great salty snack. I usually snack on these before dinner or if I’m craving a late night snack. These also last me a while because I just grab a handful every time. 

Green Tea Mints

These are not mints. They are more like soothing little things for you to chew on. These are a good refresher if you don’t want peppermint or a strong mint. 

Lemon Bars

These are kept refrigerated and they’re so good. They are more on the tart side because they have a lot of lemon so definitely have some water by your side. Sometimes I cant eat the whole thing lol.

Pita Chips

Self explanatory.

When you walk into a bar…

They have several different flavors, some vary per season. My favorite ones are strawberry and apple. These are good on go because you can just throw into a bag!

Lastly, one of my favorite things EVER that I pair with my afternoon coffee. 

Brown Sugar Oatmilk Creamer

Literally just a dash with my iced coffee makes it ten times better. 

Hiiii, my name is Steph! I'm from Cape Cod, Mass. When I'm not working you can find me making some iced shaken espressos or hanging outside with my friends!