Struggles of Being a College Girl: Snapchat Style, Part 3

This is the worst part of Snapchat: the sender knows when you open their Snaps! (Of course, this is the best feature when you want to know if they opened your cute selfie). Rest assured, you do not always have to freak out and figure out a response.

Sometimes people just send Snaps and don’t expect a reply. Most of the time, you can just feel it out. If you can’t think of anything to Snap back, that’s probably a sign that you should not.

For example, if you send him a Snap with the caption “streak,” it implies that you sent that Snap to all of your friends. He may then respond with a streak Snap of his own, or just a selfie. You do not need to respond to this because his response may simply be to keep the streak going, rather than to ignite a conversation.

How Long Do You Wait to Open/Respond to a Snap?

The dreaded question: how long should I time-out to respond to him? Whether it be texting or Snapping, this is a question that has stumped girls all over the world. If you open up the Snap right away, does it seem like you’re too clingy or attached to your phone? You don’t want him to think you’ve been waiting for his Snap (even if you were). At the same time, though, you don’t want to take too long, because he may want to start a conversation. The worst is when he actually wants to hang out, but you don’t open the Snap in a timely manner and miss out.

As a general rule of thumb, I’d say half an hour is a reasonable timespan (of course not exactly—probably 27 to 32 minutes will do the trick). If you are having a conversation, feel free to make the Snaps more consistent and frequent.  This is obviously under the Snapchat section, but if you’re communicating via text then this also applies. With texting, however, the texts should be sent more often because he is using a more direct form of communication.

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