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Struggles of Being a College Girl: Snapchat Style, Part 2

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Bentley chapter.

Sadly, this is very situational, and there is no easy solution to answering a Snap. I will try my best to give some scenarios and situations, explaining what/when I think is the perfect way to respond. Keep in mind, though, that it really varies depending on the person and your relationship with them. I’m going to describe my personal experience with one particular guy. For the purpose of privacy, I will refer to him as Brad. Brad is someone I met at a concert, and who happened to go to the same school as me. He is a couple years older—and we recently exchanged numbers and have been texting a little over the past few months. He is someone I will be referring to a lot, as many of my tips stem from encounters with him.


Situation 1: Brad isn’t as committed to the streak as you, and loses it

First up, don’t take it personally. Some people just aren’t as attached (like me) to streaks, and just may not use Snapchat as much. It isn’t a personal attack against your relationship with him. Keeping this in mind, here are some options of ways to reignite the streak.

Option 1: Start a conversation.

A good way to do this is to ask a question. If your crush doesn’t answer or respond, stop Snapping them now. They are not worth the time. This is crucial, because you do not want to look obsessed or overly attached.

Story time! Brad always would send the typical Snap of a selfie with the caption “sup.” I always knew he wanted to talk if he started the conversation this way. Sometimes you do not want to come off as trying too hard, so my friends and I decided that we should hit him back with the infamous “sup” Snap. And wouldn’t you know, he responded and we had a lengthier conversation. It is okay to make the first move, for which I will have another story in a later installment of this series.

Option 2: Just send a normal streak Snap.

This can be a Snap you send to all your streaks. If you usually don’t try to look good on your Snapchat streak photos, you can make your crush a special one with the word “streak,” and he can just assume you sent it to all of your contacts.

Option 3:

As mentioned earlier, an easy way to start a convo is to send a pic of a TV show or sports game that he is interested in. That way, he will probably Snap back and your streak will live on.

Situation 2: Brad doesn’t put in the effort to send a nice Snapchat (AKA, it usually is not the most flattering pic)

Brad obviously does not know all of my key tips on staging the perfect Snap, and just sends ugly selfies. It’s sometimes hard to figure out what you should Snap back. You don’t want to look like you tried too hard because they tried so little—but at the same time you still want to look cute because you like them. Once you get closer to your crush, you definitely should be able to send ugly selfies back and it’ll be fine—but if you are still at that initial flirting stage, try to look good. Maybe don’t use as flashy of a filter as you ordinarily would, or perhaps don’t include a sticker—but still try to take a nice and flattering Snap.


Look out for my next article about whether to respond to someone or leave them un-opened on Snapchat. Also, if you haven’t read my last article, go check it out here!




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