Sharon Cho ‘20

Name: Sharon Cho

Class: Sophomore, Class of 2020

Major: Marketing with an LSM in Media, Arts, and Society

Hometown: Hong Kong

Her Campus Bentley: What orgs are you involved in campus?

Sharon Cho: BACS, APO, KSA, and Pep Band

HCB: What instrument do you play in Pep Band?

SC: The saxophone

HCB: Favorite Pep Band song to play?

SC: I know which one I don’t like to play: “Row, Row, Row Your Boat”


HCB: What’s something on your bucket list?

SC: Skydiving!

HCB: What is one of your life goals?

SC: To be fluent in Korean, because I want to study abroad in Korea


HCB: Favorite TV show?

SC: It’s so hard to choose. The Office is definitely up there, as well as How I Met Your Mother

HCB: Favorite The Office character?

SC: Michael Scott

HCB: Favorite How I Met Your Mother character?

SC: Barney Stinson


HCB: Favorite app?

SC: Bitmoji—I downloaded it because I couldn’t live without it. I don’t have a lot of apps, though, because there is no storage on my phone.

HCB: Einstein’s, Argo, or Currito?

SC: Currito

HCB: Starbucks or Dunkin?

SC: Starbucks, but not the Starbucks at school because it doesn’t have green tea lattes


HCB: If you could only eat one food for the rest of your life, what would it be?

SC: Marshmallows

HCB: As a part of s’mores, or just plain marshmallows?

SC: Just plain, but wouldn’t mind if they were in s’mores

HCB: What do you dunk your chicken nuggets in?

SC: Sweet and sour sauce, but they don’t have it in the dining hall.


HCB: Disneyland or Universal Studios?

SC: Disneyland

HCB: Favorite Disney princess?

SC: Mulan

HCB: Disney Channel or Nickelodeon?

SC: Disney Channel