Sarah Donlan '21

Meet Sarah Donlan: queen of dance, master of makeup and professional Netflix-er!


Year: Sophomore

Hometown: Plymouth, MA

Major: Accounting

Her Campus Bentley: What organizations on campus are you involved in?

Sarah Donlan: College against cancer, the dance team, and Her Campus!


HCB: Describe yourself in a sentence.

SD: Just happy to be here.


HCB: What is your favorite nail polish color?

SD: Light pink.


HCB: What do you want to be when you grow up?

SD: I want to be an accountant and a makeup artist.


HCB: What is your go-to store?

SD: Target.


HCB: Favorite Bentley memory or experience?

SD: Spring Day.


HCB: Favorite color?

SD: Pink.


HCB: What is your go-to coffee/drink order?

SD: Iced caramel macchiato.