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Review of Currito Smoothies

In addition to offering excellent burritos, the Currito at Bentley University offers eight fantastic smoothies/milkshakes. Here’s a review of some of the best.



1. Jimmy Carter

By far the best shake Currito has to offer, the Jimmy Carter incorporates banana and peanut butter into a creamy, filling, and delicious concoction that will have you begging for more! Be warned, however, that the Jimmy Carter does have a lot of calories. If you are an athlete, this is a great way to gain back some calories after practice while also enjoying the health benefits of bananas and the protein from the peanut butter.


2. Tri-athlete

Also one of my favorite, the best way to describe the tri-athlete smoothie is “deliciously fruity.” I honestly couldn’t even tell you what fruits are in it because I have been ordering it for so long now I don’t even look at the menu! The tri-athlete also doesn’t have too many calories and just in general makes me feel healthy when I drink it.


3. Nutella

If you like chocolate, you’re sure to enjoy the Nutella milkshake at Currito! Something a lot of people don’t know about this milkshake is that you have the option to add whatever fruit you want to it. Strawberry Nutella? Yes please!


4. Straw-bana

This is the smoothie most of my friends rave about. Strawberry and banana is probably one of the most classic combinations ever, and Currito doesn’t disappoint.


Don’t forget to try the other four flavors while you’re there!


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