Restaurant Recommendation: Osteria Posto

Tired of going to the same places when your family comes to visit?  Lucky for you, I have a new recommendation! Close to campus, delicious food, and a great ambiance, this place is perfect for a more upscale meal.  An Italian restaurant with plenty of options and price ranges, this is an excellent choice for meals with families or birthday dinners. A wide range of personal pizzas, entrées, and drinks, even the pickiest of eaters can find a meal they enjoy.  Simple pizzas or more eclectic - whatever you choose, you can’t go wrong! Another plus is that there is ample parking, which is something that can be difficult to find for restaurants on Moody Street.  


Osteria Posto serves lunch, dinner, and has an expansive bar.  I went for dinner and we got served bread with a garlic herb butter dressed in olive oil, which was delicious!  We both ordered personal pizzas to our own liking and shared. We also ordered a side of truffle fries, which were very yummy.  The portions were sufficient sizes, and I was pleased (even brought home my extra pizza for lunch the next day). I am looking forward to returning to the restaurant to try an entrée of meat or fish (and dessert since we were too stuffed)!  Whenever you are looking for savory Italian food, but don’t feel like heading to the North End, Osteria Posto is a great option! Be prepared to be torn over what to order… Everything seems delicious!