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Over break we decided to eat out at a restaurant called Little Big Diner in Newton, Massachusetts. Don’t let the name deceive you because it is not your typical diner! Instead, it serves Eastern Asian cuisine such as different types of Ramen and chicken dishes. The prices are reasonable and the portion sizes give you more than enough food.


Here is a picture of the menu and a link to the website: https://www.littlebigdiner.com/



We ordered the paitan chicken ramen, the shoyu ramen, and the kara-age fried chicken brown rice bowl.



Picture above is our meal.



This is the paitan chicken ramen. The dish was a typical chicken ramen with a flavorful broth and tender chicken. By far this was one of the best chicken ramen dishes I have had. I liked the addition of the egg, seaweed, and cabbage which made the dish more than just chicken and ramen.  


This is the kara-age fried chicken brown rice bowl. Overall, this dish was very good and the chicken was perfectly crisp and full of taste. I decided to get the sauce on the side and I would recommend this if you are unsure if you like the sauce.


This is the shoyu ramen. Overall I thought this dish was very good. The broth was very flavorful and I liked the addition of the various toppings such as the egg and the seaweed. The pork was also flavored very well.


If you are in the mood for another restaurant to check out click here.


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