A Ranking of the Kylie Jenner Conspiracy Theories

So if you have been paying attention to any sort of major news outlet, magazine, social media, or have been existing at all, you’ve probably been alerted that Kylie Jenner may or may not be pregnant. Yes, back in the Fall, this was big news. But now we have a new problem: why has no one from Kardashian/Jenner gang confirmed this pregnancy? Some of the most suspicious evidence is the absence of the 20-year-old social media queen in her family’s extensive Christmas card shoot, along with how her lower half is completely covered by a blanket in the new Calvin Klein spread.  Fans (me being admittedly one of them) have taken it upon ourselves to go full Nancy Drew and investigate what is up with the Kardashian/Jenner clan.

1.)  Kylie isn’t actually pregnant and this is a full media stunt led by queen Kris Jenner.

The idea behind this conspiracy is that every “tip” and “inside source” is frankly just Kris and Kylie themselves, hiding behind aliases. As of recent, no one has even seen Kylie—who, before this entire ordeal, was basically running Snapchat with her many lip kit “demos.” Seems odd for her to go off the grid entirely…but who knows?

2.)   Kylie already gave birth—leading to several other “theories.”

It was reported several weeks ago that Kylie was actually in the hospital giving birth. This then leaves all of us wondering, well if this is true…where is the baby? That also brings forth another crazy fan theory which brings in third-oldest sister, Khloe. Fans are wondering if perhaps it’s actually Khloe’s pregnancy that is fake? The reasoning behind this conspiracy is that once Kylie gives birth, Khloe will “give birth” at the same exact time and claim Kylie’s baby as her own. Pretty fishy, given how vocal and excited Khloe and Tristan Thompson have finally been, but sisters are sisters.

3.)   Something entirely different is up with Kylie—potentially botched plastic surgery?

So this theory strays from the pregnancy concept. Kylie has been so M.I.A.—maybe she’s just hiding for some other reason? Kylie recently did a photoshoot and interview for Love Magazinebut the catch? It was Kendall Jenner as the photographer and Kris Jenner as the interviewer. No outsiders. Supporting this theory, recently on Keeping Up with The Kardashians, Kylie caught someone who works for her taking a picture of her, leading her to freak out and call Kris. Was someone trying to sell pictures to the paparazzi?

4.)   Kylie was Kim’s surrogate

Genuinely, this is the theory I am most attached to. Yes, it’s potentially one of the wildest, but it seems to make perfect sense. The Kardashian/Jenner family is so close-knit and so into keeping everything a family affair, it seems odd that they would choose someone not related to them to carry THE CHICAGO WEST. Some then argue, but why would Kylie—the lip kit tycoon—want to spend time hiding away from the public spotlight to be Kim’s surrogate? But then again, if you look back into any interview Kylie has done, she is always stressing how much she wishes she could just hide and live a pretty normal life. SO, obviously she decided to just devote all her time to Kim and Kanye—and here we are.

We will see. 





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