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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Bentley chapter.

If there’s anything consistent about Bentley, it’s how inconsistent it is. Take our residence halls for example: some have elevators while others don’t, some have laundry rooms on every floor (*cough cough* Orso *cough cough*) while others don’t even have one in the building (I’m looking at you, Falcone East and West), and some dorms have doors while others are stuck with an ugly pink curtain (RIP Rhodes). But with all this talk about the residence halls, where’s the slander for the academic buildings? As a senior here, I’ve noticed plenty of discrepancies between the different academic buildings – so much so that I love having class in some and dread having class in others. Sure we only spend time in certain classrooms for 3-ish hours per week but multiply that by 5, you’ve got 15 hours of classes on upper campus. Let’s talk about this academic building hierarchy, starting with the worst.

Adamian, no one likes you.

Coming in hard last is the Adamian Academic Center. This building, home to the infamous COVID testing center, really does not have much going for it. With cramped classrooms and no lounge areas, I don’t find myself voluntarily spending any time here. It’s inconveniently far from the rest of the academic buildings with no study areas except the Honors lounge (only for honors students) and that random room in the back of the second floor. This spot can lowkey be a good study spot because so few people use it, but there’s really nothing special about it except for the random treadmill desk in there – go off, I guess.

‘Good for nothing’ Lindsay

Barely making it out of last place is Lindsay Hall. This building is so outdated in comparison to its opponents. With gray carpeted floors, tiny classrooms, and strangely hard to find bathrooms, Lindsay is pretty irrelevant. Its only redeeming qualities are Koum – home to some fire events put on by our student organizations – and the Media and Culture (MAC) Lab – a great spot for picture taking and editing. Other than that, I’ve never met someone who was excited to have a class in Lindsay.

Jennison – you could do better.

In second place is Jennison Hall. Home to the science labs and complete with four floors (the most out of any other academic building), Jennison gets the job done. There’s a (kinda small) elevator, bathrooms and water fountains on every floor, and lounges for students to hang out in between classes or to fit in a quick bagel from Einstein’s before class. Jennison is also home to Academic Services, which comes in clutch during registration season. But here are a few of my qualms: why are the classrooms so ugly? Who thought orange walls with purple ombre carpets would be a good combination? And don’t even get me started on the desks – they’re so hard to get in and out of and you can’t fit anything on them. And lastly, can we please get more outlets? I swear there’s nowhere to charge your laptop in Jennison unless you snag a seat against the wall.

She’s beauty, she’s grace, she’s Smith Technology Center.

Coming confidently in first is Smith. Home to Bentley’s pride and joy – the Trading Room – Smith gives off that dark academia aesthetic without being too old school. With large, high tech classrooms coupled with roomy stadium seats, personal outlets, and even hooks on the back wall for bags and jackets, you really can’t go wrong with Smith. Smith also has sitting areas for students to chill in before going to class and a sizable elevator if you don’t feel like walking to the second or third floor after scaling the Smith stairs. And with $500 Herman Miller chairs in each classroom, Smith makes even night bombs slightly more tolerable.

Which is your favorite academic building?

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