Rainy Day Crafts

When the weather outside is gloomy and cold at Bentley, it is sometimes best to stay warm and cozy in your dorm room. Who says you have to sit around all day watching Netflix? It is time to get creative!


Make your own string of lights


What you need:

  • String lights

  • Ping pong balls

  • Scissors or exacto-knife


What to do:

  • Using either the scissors or the exacto-knife, cut a small X in a ping pong ball

  • Put one light into that hole as far as it will go

  • Repeat with the remaining balls and lights! It’s that easy!




DIY shoes


What you need:

  • Pick up a cheap pair of shoes from Target or Walmart or use an old pair you already own!

  • Sharpies

  • Paint

  • Paint brushes


What to do:

  • Go on Pinterest for some inspiration!

  • Come up with some designs and colors that you want your shoes to have

  • You can trace out a pattern or just try painting freehand!

  • Before you know it, you’ll have a pair of unique DIY shoes!  

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